Say Cheese: eThekwini Cheese!

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Say Cheese: eThekwini Cheese!

In the picturesque town of Ballito, South Africa, eThekwini Cheese (Pty) Ltd isn’t just your average cheese factory—it’s a hub of creativity where cheese-making is taken to the next level. Founded in July 2016 by the dynamic Dixon family—Stephen, Simon, and Antony—this company brings together expertise from successful cheese ventures in the UK and the USA. Together, the trio form a formidable team, each contributing their unique skills to the mix.

At eThekwini Cheese, a team of over 150 skilled individuals operates a state-of-the-art factory, adhering to the highest standards imaginable. Gone are the days of cheese-making in the late 1800s; now, it’s a finely honed craft. They expertly blend butterfat and protein to ensure their cheeses maintain their quality for an extended period.

Quality is non-negotiable at eThekwini Cheese. They employ rigorous systems and checks, including HACCP and external audits, to guarantee perfection in every batch. Holding the prestigious FSSC2000 accreditation is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence from start to finish. The brilliant minds at eThekwini Cheese are constantly innovating, always striving to create new and better products that captivate the taste buds of cheese lovers everywhere.

The eThekwini Cheese Development Team, boasting over 80 years of collective experience, collaborates closely with customers to bring exciting ideas to fruition. Leveraging innovative technology, they produce cheese that not only tastes divine but also looks irresistible and performs exceptionally well. Innovation isn’t just a buzzword here—it’s a way of life.

From conceptualising new ideas to crafting and sharing their amazing cheeses, eThekwini Cheese is dedicated to being the best and creating cheeses that bring joy to every palate.

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