How LMC Express Ensures Temperature-Controlled Transport for Perishable Goods

How LMC Express Ensures Temperature-Controlled Transport for Perishable Goods

LMC Express employs several strategies and technologies to ensure temperature-controlled transport for perishable goods, safeguarding the quality and integrity of the products throughout the supply chain.

LMC Express maintains a fleet of dual refrigeration-equipped vehicles. We provide a temperature controlled environment for perishable goods, maintaining the required temperature.

Implementation of real-time monitoring systems allows us to track and monitor temperature conditions during transportation. Vehicle sensors continuously measure and report temperature data in real time. An alert can be triggered if the specified temperature range is deviated, allowing immediate action to be taken.

GPS data coupled with real-time temperature information allows us to choose the most efficient routes while minimising the impact on perishable goods.

We value our clients and ensure that they are well-informed through our website. Collaboration with suppliers, manufacturers, and other partners in the supply chain is crucial. Effective communication ensures that everyone involved in the transportation process stays apprised of ETA’s and progress

On the LMC Express website, there is valuable information such as what to consider when sending perishable goods, how to package the perfect pallet. This helps temperature control and protects the goods against possible damage during transit.

We strictly adhere to industry regulations and standards (R638), (Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectant Act 54 of 1971), which prescribes conditions to be followed in the manufacturing and transport of food.

To ensure proper procedures are followed and necessary documentation is in place, we invest in staff training to understand the requirements in temperature-controlled transport regulations.

LMC Express aims at all times to provide a comprehensive solution for temperature-controlled transport, meeting the stringent requirements of transporting perishable goods while ensuring customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

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