Route Schedules

Route Schedules

LMC Express has a schedule where certain routes are assigned to certain days of the week. We provide this schedule to clients in order that they can book their loads efficiently.

The following are some comments from our clients about our Route Schedule:

Ryan – ‘Bags of Bites’

Bags of Bites has been in business with LMC Express for three months. They facilitate our deliveries to Checkers’ distribution depots. Having our route schedule has been a ‘game-changer’ for efficiently planning and servicing our clients. Their structured work schedule streamlines our operations and enhances customer service. With a clear outline of routes, we can optimise our resources and minimise travel time. This, in turn, allows us to offer faster quality service to our clients. The route schedule has proven to be an invaluable tool that contributes significantly to our overall planning and customer satisfaction.

David – ‘C Fruit’

Firstly, the route schedule is consistent and makes planning easier, especially when dealing with fresh produce. It helps maintain the freshness of the fruit and ensure that it is delivered on time. We are very pleased that our clients are very satisfied with the service, as the trucks are always on time. We don’t have complaints about the service.

Samantha – ‘Happy Hounds’

We ship in bulk to a small depot in JHB, so having LMC’s shipping schedule is a significant advantage for our inventory planning. We can schedule production and transfer with predictability and peace of mind that the wonderful LMC team will help us reach our customers on time.

Ian – ‘Moz Wholesale’

It is essential to planning my bookings, so I find it extremely beneficial to my overall planning.

Alin – ‘Soma Foods’

It’s great that you run most days of the week for my route up to Johannesburg. I can just slot my planning in nicely. It is useful to have on hand.

Candace – ‘Oh Lief’

I am very happy with the schedule. It is reliable and makes it easy to keep my clients happy.

Ali – ‘BM Foods’

I use LMC Express because we can load a pallet on short notice and we get delivery in 24 hours. That helps me greatly!

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