Food Manufacturers & Distributors

In our Food Manufacturers & Distributors category, LMC Express extends its reliable supply chain solutions to a diverse array of culinary creators and distributors. From large-scale food production facilities to artisanal producers, our comprehensive services ensure the seamless transportation and storage of perishable goods.

LMC Clients - Bidfood

Bidfood Durban

“As a leading broad-line foodservice distributor and supply partner to thousands of customers across Southern Africa, we offer products and solutions that make doing business with us, easier for you! We’re a one-stop-shop and proud of our ability to supply foodservice and hospitality establishments with a comprehensive range of frozen, chilled and ambient grocery, as well as beverages, beers, wines and cleaning materials, packaging, catering equipment, kitchen smalls, crockery and glassware.” – Bidfoods Durban

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LMC Express - Clients - Mohr Foods

Mohr Foods

“We strive to build a legacy of promoting the importance of consuming highly nutritional healthy natural foods, whilst protecting our world against consumption of harmful non nutritional food producers. For almost 40 years we have produced, processed and distributed our garlic to many of the large and small retailers throughout South Africa. Apart from PRODUCING THE “HOUSE BRANDS” of some of the large retailers Mohr Foods (Pty) Ltd has also built its own brands “QUALIFRESH” AND “MOHR”. Today Mohr Foods (Pty) Ltd is one of the largest independent distributors of Garlic, dried Tomatoes and dried Onions in South Africa.” – Mohr Foods

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The Freddy Hirsch Group

“Our food ingredients blends are manufactured at our blending facility and sold as complete packs. This means that quality and flavour are consistent across batches. Plus, the complete packs are cost-efficient, minimising expenses in wastage, labour, and storage. Whatever your product type, we’ve got a pack to suit you: Boerewors, Braaiwors, Sausages, Burgers, Meat mixes, BiltongDroewors, Salami, Cabanossi, Bacons, Hams, Vienna sausages, Russian sausages, Polonies, Loaves, Brines, Marinades, Sauces, Rubs, Sprinkles & Seasonings, Glazes, Breadings & Coatings as well as for Prepared meals (HMR) like Roast Chicken, Chip spiceCurry, Desserts, Sauces, Stews, Stock and Thickeners.” – The Freddy Hirsch Group

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LMC Clients - Andermatt Madumbi

Andermatt Madumbi

“Andermatt Madumbi believes in an integrated approach to sustainable agriculture. We combine niche products and proven management strategies to produce the best outcome in terms of healthy, high-yielding crops. Our regional team of experts are constantly refining programs to ensure Andermatt Madumbi remains at the forefront of new developments to best assist all growers. The Andermatt Madumbi product range is categorised according to their role within crop management.” – Andermatt Madumbi.


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LMC Clients - Urban Leaf

Urban Leaf

“We are a trusted fresh produce and herbs wholesaler that is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to our valued customers. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable source for fresh produce and herbs that are essential for a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. We take pride in our extensive selection of fruits and vegetables sourced directly from trusted farmers and growers. From juicy, ripe strawberries to crisp, vibrant lettuce, we offer a wide variety of fresh produce that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.” – Urban Leaf

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LMC Express - eThekwini Cheese

eThekwini Cheese

“Cheeses of Choice: eThekwini Cheese is dedicated to the supply of cheese and dairy based ingredients to food manufacturers and foodservice companies in South Africa and worldwide. With state of the art facilities we have the operational capabilities to deliver a wide range of quality ingredients and innovative bespoke solutions, enabling our customers to grow and succeed in a competitive market place.” – eThekwini Cheese.


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LMC Express - Baketech


“Try the convenience of using one of our bread and bun improvers. If there is a preference on your part to purchase the building blocks used in one of the many premixes we offer, allow us to supply you with an improver. You then add the salt, sugar etc at the desired levels.

If a clean label or non-GM (Genetically Modified) ingredients is required, please talk to us!” – Baketech.


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LMC Express - Chemelco


“No matter what your practical application, Chemelco has the products and expertise to optimise your formulation. From baked goods to sports drinks, we have the knowledge and expertise how to get the most from your ingredients by adding the right flavours and nutritional blends. Today’s consumers are embracing better-for-you foods and beverages, and we are the perfect partners to make those options even more appealing.” – Chemelco

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LMC Clients - Adriatic


“We believe that the moments shared between loved ones over a delicious meal, make the most cherished memories. We offer mostly Italian food products, including wine, delicatessen and catering equipment as well as some Spanish, Argentinian and French offerings. We are open to the public and to the food and beverage industry” – Adriatic.


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LMC Clients - LBB

LBB Foods

LBB Foods is a leading food manufacturing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. As an innovation-driven supplier of quality speciality food to retailers and importers, our mission is to develop and manufacture delicious products that customers trust to purchase and love to eat.

While we drive our brands, we offer private label development as a full turnkey solution, exclusive to our large retail clients. We drive innovation with continuous new product & process development, inspired by international trends and market dynamics. We adhere to strict international food safety standards and are BRC and Halaal certified.

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