Meet Château Gâteaux – The Moment Makers

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Meet Château Gâteaux – The Moment Makers

Who They Are Simplified

At Château Gâteaux, customers take centre stage. They’re all about cake lovers like you! Château Gâteaux was established in 1997 and as the brand grew in popularity the team saw an opportunity in the direct-to-consumer space and opened the first of 21 patisserie stores in 2010.  The acquisition by Dr. Oetker in 2017 was the start of a new chapter. Since then, the brand has undergone a refresh with a new corporate identity and store aesthetic.  And in 2023, Château Gâteaux entered the retail environment, ensuring that cake lovers everywhere had access to exceptional cakes.

Their mission? To enhance  moments, big or small, with top-notch cakes. They’re the go-to for cake inspiration, culture, and those special “cakey moments”.

Their Values, plain and simple they’re not your average bakers. They go all out, take responsibility, and keep it real and honest. They pour heart and soul into what they do, with heaps of passion, purpose, and attention to detail. Quality is their priority. They’re always striving for the best, leading with professionalism and excellence. That’s why everyone lovingly call them #TheCakePeople.


What sets them apart?

Their 21 direct-to-consumer patisseries across South Africa, they offer the full Château Gâteaux experience – from a sit down slice and coffee to a cake-away they offer a full range of handcrafted gourmet cakes and desserts!

Celebration Cakes: These stunners are crafted for those special moments that need a touch of dazzle.

Classics: Your everyday favourites, done just right familiar, comforting, and always top-notch.

• Mini Delights: Small but mighty, perfect for cozying up with a cuppa or sharing at gatherings.

• Variety Packs: Can’t decide? No worries! Their packs offer a taste of everything, so everyone gets their cake fix.


What’s Fresh in the Kitchen

• Birthday Piñata: A joy-filled cake with layers of fun—sprinkles, condensed milk frosting, and a surprise inside!

• Choc Ombre Piñata: Dive into layers of chocolatey goodness, with mocha cream, candy surprises, and a sprinkle of magic.

• Caramel Velvet: Sink your teeth into moist caramel cake, slathered in creamy frosting, with caramel swirls and crunchy bits.

Wrapping It up At Château Gâteaux, they’re all about making your moments sweeter with their incredible cakes. Their commitment to being exceptional, crafty, and quality-focused means every cake is made with love and care. Swing by their patisseries in South Africa and treat yourself to something delightful, whether it’s a special day or just because!

We caught up with Louise (head of marketing) to get some insight on Château Gâteaux. We ask Lauren, from logistics point of view, “Why LMC Express?” and our multi-temp consolidation and accommodating their part load requirements, were the stars of the show for them.

Check out their website here.


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