Why We Get Up In The Morning – Pesto Princess

Why We Get Up In The Morning – Pesto Princess

From humble beginnings, in a Cape Town kitchen sixteen years ago, they are now on their way to developing Pesto Princess into a world-class company. A crucial requirement is that their business is fun-based!

The Pesto Princess believes what makes them world-class is not just that they claim to care, but that they truly do.


Pesto Princess started out really small, in Kathleen’s Observatory kitchen back in 1998. In order to further her singing studies, Kathleen wanted to become a professional opera singer (ha-ha). Her first love was music, but she had a second passion for food that she wanted to explore.

Kathleen cooked up an intriguing array of baked and bottled goods, which she sold on Fridays at the local school market.

Pesto sauce was the thing that kept people coming back.

One of the first staff members to be ‘royally’ reluctant was Jessie Limane, who simply did not understand why Kathleen’s focus had shifted from cleaning to cooking.

Today they have a fully accredited factory they refer to as ‘The Palace’, and continue to produce handmade pesto sauces using the same recipes they created sixteen years ago. Making pesto is labour intensive, so their team is now about forty strong.


Life is precious… and they want you to make the most of it by preparing and eating delicious, nourishing, and easy-to-prepare food.


Nothing beats the taste of a homemade meal. Also, they know their customers have a lot on their plates, so they’ve done some of the cooking for you. You can find ‘Princess Pesto’ in the fridges of major supermarkets and specialty food stores in a corner of ‘The Kingdom’, near you.


1. Remaining true to the original recipes.

2. Making products without additives or preservatives.

3. Reducing impact on the planet and its people.

4. Giving sustainable farming practices the ‘royal’ thumbs up.

5. Looking for like-minded suppliers to partner.

6. Treating everyone who crosses their path like ‘royalty’, including customers, suppliers, and employees.

LMC Express had a chat with Lauren Gregory from Pesto Princess and this is what she had to say:

“Pesto sauces, dips, and soups must be refrigerated at all times. LMC Express consistently provides us with efficient service. We know that the cold chain will never be compromised and our products are preservatives free and cannot risk a cold chain break. The level of great customer service LMC Express has provided over the last eight years has never let us down.”

Visit their website here.

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