Food Suppliers

In our Food Suppliers category, LMC Express serves as a trusted partner for clients dedicated to providing fresh produce to distributors and markets. From local farmers to large-scale agricultural operations, we collaborate with a diverse range of suppliers committed to delivering premium fruits, vegetables, and other perishable goods to consumers.

LMC Clients - LBB

LBB Foods

LBB Foods is a leading food manufacturing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. As an innovation-driven supplier of quality speciality food to retailers and importers, our mission is to develop and manufacture delicious products that customers trust to purchase and love to eat.

While we drive our brands, we offer private label development as a full turnkey solution, exclusive to our large retail clients. We drive innovation with continuous new product & process development, inspired by international trends and market dynamics. We adhere to strict international food safety standards and are BRC and Halaal certified.

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