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LMC Express Crumbs and Cream

Crumbs & Cream

“It’s hard to believe that Crumbs & Cream co-founders, Shahar Ben Artzi and Or Lahat, together with their husbands, created the hugely popular ice-cream sandwich brand in 2016. Crumbs & Cream has taken Cape Town by storm and has had customers flocking to get their hands on these delectable cookie and ice-cream sandwiches.

The Crumbs & Cream brand was a dream come true for the two entrepreneurial sisters who followed their heart (and their tastebuds) to create the fun-filled, exciting and successful brand in only a few short months.” – Crumbs and Cream.

LMC Express - Famasons


“We offer you professional Ingredient Solutions, ideally suited for use in all the food manufacturing industries. Our Products allow Industry Connoisseurs such as Bakers, Confectioners, pastry Chefs and Food Manufacturers, to captivate their customer, by exceeding quality benchmarks in a competitive industry.” – Beyers Chocolates.” – Famason

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LMC Express - Beyers Chocolates

Beyers Chocolates

“At Beyers Chocolates we manufacture our own range of confectionery, including local favourites like Sweetie Pie, Amarula, and Dream Bear, and we have an extensive range of sub brands and private label products that are supplied to airlines and the hospitality industry. Our chocolates are also stocked by some of the country’s leading retailers – with the longest relationship being over 25 years. This means that many South Africans have been eating Beyers Chocolates for decades without even realising it.” – Beyers Chocolates.

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LMC Express - Bags of Bites

Bags of Bites

“Our Strategy: At Bags of Bites, we prioritize innovation and product development, particularly in line with the latest health trends such as wheat- and sugar-free options. We not only focus on manufacturing delicious biscuits but also recognize the significance of empowering individuals without prior training or skills, providing them with a sense of belonging and worth.” – Bags of Bites.


LMC Clients - Avanti Coffee

Avanti Coffee

“Hi, we’re Avanti. We’re a team guided by people with passion. One that’s been creating exceptional coffees on South African soil since 1987. One company with one mission: to create and curate personalised artisanal coffee experiences that you’ll not only taste, but feel.” – Avanti Coffee.


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