In our Restaurant category, LMC Express partners with culinary establishments of all sizes, from cozy bistros to fine dining establishments, to ensure their ingredients reach the kitchen fresh and on time. We understand the importance of quality and efficiency in the restaurant industry, which is why we offer the most reliable cold chain solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

LMC Clients - Kalharoo


“Kalharoo has grown from a family line of farming in vegetables, game, dairy and now has built a reputation of supplying excellent genetics to the South African wagyu beef industry under the Kobe Stud Breeding stud. Kalharoo continually seek out and improve the genetic material in our aim to reproduce top quality wagyu with the help of experienced veterinary scientist, embryologist, nutritionists and beef masters. All our animals are destined for beef production. To ensure the highest marbling quality, we raise all our Wagyu animals on high quality feeds produced by experts from Karoowater Feeds.  A stress free, clean environment and water also play an important part of our breeding program.” – Kalharoo

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LMC Express - Cape Town Fish Market Bloemfontein

Cape Town Fish Market - Bloemfontein

“Our menu brings together the best of South African and Japanese cuisine – from fish & chips to classic sashimi. When it comes to seafood, it doesn’t get any fresher. We also cater for meat-eaters and vegetarians and offer a carefully selected range of the finest South African wines.” – Cape Town Fish Market, Bloemfontein

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