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At LMC Express, we understand the importance of a reliable and consistent supply chain for your business.

In our Meals & Frozen Foods category, you will find our valued clients and their  extensive array of culinary delights, spanning ready-to-eat meals to frozen ingredients suitable for home cooking.

In our Stores category, LMC Express proudly extends our cold chain supply services to a variety of esteemed establishments, ensuring the preservation of freshness and quality for their diverse offerings.

In our Food Manufacturers & Distributors category, LMC Express extends its reliable supply chain solutions to a diverse array of culinary creators and distributors. From large-scale food production facilities to artisanal producers, our comprehensive services ensure the seamless transportation and storage of perishable goods.

In our Seafood & Meat category, LMC Express extends its expertise in cold chain logistics to ensure the highest standards of freshness and quality for our clients in the seafood and meat industry. From bustling fish markets to specialised butcher shops, we partner with a diverse range of suppliers and distributors to deliver premium products to discerning consumers.

In our Bakeries, Coffee & Confectionery category, LMC Express proudly supports the artisanal craftsmanship and culinary creativity of our clients in the realm of baked goods, coffee, and confectionery.

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In our Food Suppliers category, LMC Express serves as a trusted partner for clients dedicated to providing fresh produce to distributors and markets. From local farmers to large-scale agricultural operations, we collaborate with a diverse range of suppliers committed to delivering premium fruits, vegetables, and other perishable goods to consumers.