About Us

LMC Express specialises in Multi-Temperature Load Consolidation from a single pallet or more.

The services offered by LMC Express have evolved during the past 26 years to facilitate supply chain management for small businesses or small loads.
During the past 26 years, LMC Express has evolved to facilitate supply chain management for small businesses and small loads.
Since LMC Express commenced marketing and promoting its pallet service, many larger manufacturers/distributors, have started using our services and have remained loyal and satisfied customers.

Our part load service is used by large manufacturers, retailers and distributors and we still boast the same loyal and satisfied clients since the service began.

It seems that one of the basic logistics principles statement to supply your customers with smaller quantities on a more regular basis rather than large quantities less often, has started to take hold at the larger manufacturing companies. The old habit of considering inventory (stock) as an asset on the balance sheet is slowly disappearing. Financial managers are also realizing that it does not make sense to try and save on transport costs and then have cash tied up in huge levels of inventory.

The trend among larger manufacturers, based on logistic principles, is to supply larger amounts less frequently rather than small quantities continuously. As time goes on, the old habit of considering inventory (stock) as an asset on the balance sheet is gradually fading away. Financial Managers acknowledge that when cash is tied up in substantial quantities of inventory, reducing transport costs makes no sense.

Our customers represent a mixture of manufacturers of value added food products destined for the retail market such as delicatessens, restaurants and supermarkets and products transported are chilled, frozen and dry.

We serve a wide variety of food manufacturers for the retail market, including delicatessens, restaurants and supermarkets, whose products are transported chilled, frozen, and dry.

LMC Express has built its reputation on professionalism and integrity. The key to our success is honest communication and a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses, their principles, philosophy, empowering convictions and culture.

LMC Express has Cold Store facilities at both Johannesburg and Cape Town depots. We also have cold store facilities at our Durban and Port Elizabeth depots. This enables us to maintain the cold chain for our customers’ products. Customers who wish to send perishable product on a depot to depot basis can therefore rest assured that their product is stored under the correct temperature.

Cold storage facilities are also available at our depots in Durban and Port Elizabeth. This enables us to maintain the cold chain for our customers’ products. Customers who wish to send perishable products from depot to depot are assured that their products are stored properly.


Passion: We provide competitive growth opportunities for our people and customers.

Niche: We create solutions for temperature-controlled part-load transportation.


  1. R963 compliant.
  2. Reverse logistics service (returns).
  3. Timeslot deliveries to Distribution Centres.
  4. Fixes loading days enable our clients to plan their production and order deliveries.
  5. Delivery within 24 hours of collection on the routes CPT – JHB and JHB to CPT.
  6. Delivery within 48 hours of collection on the routes CPT – DBN and DBN to CPT.


Founded in 1997, the company started by offering mini containers for part-loads. The concept was ahead of its time, and we found that palletised part-loads were much more cost effective and efficient.

During the first five years of our business, we used subcontractors to handle our local and long-distance deliveries, but as the business grew, we realised we had to have full control over our service levels. We invested in multi-temperature long distance trucks so that we could offer a more flexible and reliable service. We are currently the only transporter in South Africa able to offer primary and secondary distribution services for perishable part-loads.

LMC Values


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Tell the Truth: speak without hidden agenda; ask for help if unsure of the task; don't cheat or steal and remain trustworthy, loyal and fair.


Do What You Say: be responsible when you are assigned a task; do it well; meet deadlines, without needing to be reminded and embody discipline and consistency.


Streamline the Process: combine your strengths, assist each other wherever possible, be willing, open, communicative, listen and know the rules, while always being prepared to learn from each other and work together.


Be Knowledgeable and Innovative: acquire the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviour for your role; ensure that work is completed efficiently and strive to practice continuous learning and development in current trends and innovations.


Maintain a Sense of Humour: bring joy and playfulness to your environment; uplift colleagues during stressful times and remain as positive as you can be.

Be Solution-Driven

Develop a Problem-Solving Mindset: be motivated and driven to finding solutions for big and small problems; don't let issues pass by; tackle them head on and continue to take initiative and show personal responsibility.

Be Passionately Hardworking

Grow Your Passion for Success: understand and apply the principles of achievement.