We offer multi-temperature load consolidation in transporting frozen, chilled and non-refrigerated (dry) products.
  • Frozen products: -25° Celsius
  • Chilled products: +4° Celsius
  • Ambient products
  • Room Temperature / Dry products: No temperature requirement

Our Temperatures

*Room temperature is a non-specific temperature, normally between 20 and 25° Celsius, generally used to indicate that an article should neither be refrigerated nor heated.

*Ambient temperature is the temperature of the air around you, inside or outside. Ambient temperature will mean the same as room temperature when indoors.

LMC Express’ vehicle bodies and trailers are insulated and equipped with dual cooling units and temperature monitoring systems.

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Customer Portal

Every aspect of our business revolves around our valued customers. We understand the convenience of having your own portal to register, log in, and place orders. You can also keep track of consignments. Therefore, you will have full control of the process from start to finish.

Our video explains how to create your own portal and how it works.

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