Pet Food

In our Pet Food category, LMC Express applies its logistics expertise to ensure the highest standards of quality and nutrition for our clients in the pet food industry. From leading manufacturers to specialised pet stores, we work with a diverse range of suppliers and distributors to deliver premium products to pet owners who prioritise their pets’ well-being.

LMC Clients - Primal Pets

Primal Pets

“Our main mission is to educate the public at large, about the dangers of an exclusively processed/ kibble diet and its immediate and long lasting effects on our pets. We strive to assist people in making choices towards a healthier and more fulfilling life for their pets, by switching to a RAW and biologically appropriate diet, to maximize longevity and quality of life.” – Primal Pets

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LMC Clients - RawVolution


“Rawvolution Cape Town – Pet Supplies. We provide biologically appropriate dog food, made from human grade meat. our facilities are all HACCP approved. our products are 100% all natural with no additives or preservatives. our dog food is also completely halaal. proudly SA!” RawVolution