LA Marina Foods: Blending Luxury & Sustainability

LA Marina Foods: Blending Luxury & Sustainability

In 1995, Kirsten Jooste started her journey in the fish industry. She began by acquiring La Marina Foods, a small company, and with hard work and excellent service, doubled its size in just four years.

Recognising the increasing demand, Kirsten decided to build a state-of-the-art factory five years later. It took two years to complete and meets high European industry standards. The factory includes an Ozonation System for hygiene, a 500 KVA generator, and solar panels for sustainability.

LA Marina Foods believes in blending luxury and sustainability. They provide the best and most exclusive ingredients while prioritising environmentally conscious practices. The seabass is Friend of the Sea certified, and they source free-range, grain-fed chicken and prawns. La Marina Foods offers a homestyle-friendly environment with over 4500 product lines in nine categories. They import over 40 tons of fresh fish monthly and distribute 350,000 products monthly, ensuring top-quality items year-round. Their product range for wholesale and online deli includes items like berries, calamari, butter, caviar, cheese, chocolate, coconut, cold meats, dips, baked goods, flour, sugar, frozen fish, and more. Under Kirsten’s leadership, La Marina Foods continues to thrive, offering a unique blend of quality, sustainability, and a welcoming family atmosphere.

How does LMC Express help your business wheels turn?

“The part-load consolidation that LMC Express offers is an absolute game-changer as a distributor. Not only does it mean we can source from different suppliers to make up a pallet but it means that we don’t have to order unnecessary amounts of stock to make the transportation worthwhile and less expensive.” – La Marina.


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