Crispe Cookies: Making Waves in Cape Town

Crispe Cookies - LMC Express

Crispe Cookies: Making Waves in Cape Town

Under the ownership of Wesley Hortmann, Crispe Cookies is making waves in Cape Town. After starting with only six employees, Crispe Cookies has grown into a thriving enterprise with over 100 employees.

Right from the start, Crispe Cookies offered delicious treats to the local community, including milk tarts and cakes. Shoprite recognised their quality seven years ago, marking a turning point in their company. Crispe Cookies developed into a nationwide sensation due to this partnership.

Ryan, The Manager at Crispe Cookies, explains why they chose LMC Express as their transportation provider. “A significant part of Crispe Cookies’ relationship with LMC Express is the company’s ability to maintain the cold chain, ensure reliability, and deliver on time,” said Ryan.

Crispe Cookies have been fortunate to have both Shoprite and Spar as big retail supporters. This backing not only elevated their brand but also allowed them to focus on delivering quality treats to a wider audience. Recently, they achieved a sweet victory, winning the award for Best Quality from Shoprite. As well as their success, Crispe Cookies also believes in giving back, providing confectionery every week to local less fortunate communities. The Crispe Cookies is a sweet success story based on high-quality products.

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