How Airflow in Our Refrigerated Trucks Work

How Airflow in Our Refrigerated Trucks Work

Technology is often taken for granted and many people remain unaware of how certain things work. For example, LMC Express trucks are equipped with multi-temperature features that help ensure our customers’ loads arrive exactly as they should.

So how do we do it? The answer is Precision Temperature Control. For temperature-sensitive cargo, ‘close enough’ doesn’t cut it. Our units perform as we program them to, which is what multi-temp units do. No magic, no averaging, just precise temperature control to ensure our customers’ deliveries arrive on time. Using this approach, LMC Express can transport a variety of goods efficiently to depots everywhere in South Africa while maintaining the product’s temperature. This is how our trucks are designed for this process:

  1. A Snow Blanket is used in each compartment or division to maintain the desired temperature.
  2. Perishable goods (such as frozen, chilled, and ambient products) require specific temperatures to remain fresh. To accommodate the various goods being transported, each zone in our trucks is set to a particular temperature range.
  3. Each division has its own cooling system that adjusts the temperature. Temperatures within each zone are monitored and regulated by sensors and controls.
  4. Temperature-matched compartments are used for components with similar temperature requirements. During transport, all products remain at their optimal temperature, preventing cross-contamination.
  5. Insulation and sealing minimise heat transfer between divisions. Airflow management maintains even temperatures within each division, preventing cold or warm spots.
  6. TK Tracking provides all the necessary data for monitoring and logging temperature data. For quality control and regulatory compliance, temperature data is recorded for each division and can be tracked in real time or retrieved after transportation.

LMC Express’s system offers several advantages. We’re flexible because one truck can handle a variety of products at different temperatures. We save space and resources by transporting multiple goods in one trip. Our quality assurance process keeps perishable goods at their ideal temperatures. When it comes to food safety and quality, regulatory compliance is everything.

To maintain desired temperatures in a multi-temp trailer, it is crucial to maintain proper airflow around products in each zone. The proper placement of evaporators, return air strategies, and centre partitions are all factors that LMC Express focuses on.

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