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The Artisan Baker – Make Bread You Love


Barry, affectionately dubbed “the Artisan Baker,” found his love for baking and cooking while spending time in the kitchen as a youngster, his legs barely reaching the floor. It was there, in that humble kitchen space, where his fascination with the culinary arts first took root. Inspired by the cooking skills of his beloved mother and grandmother, his journey commenced. The captivating scent of freshly baked bread, drifting from the oven, sparking a quest for the perfect bake.

At just 13, he began helping out with various tasks in the hospitality industry, laying the groundwork for what would become an extraordinary culinary adventure. After completing a demanding three-year apprenticeship as a chef in South Africa, his thirst to master the art of baking remained unquenched. So, he set out overseas, to the heart of Europe, to pursue becoming a Baker/Patisserie.

Years of travel and kitchen experiences later, returning home to South Africa ignited a passionate dream: to create bread that surpassed all expectations. He envisioned bread that was long-fermented, nutritious, free from preservatives and chemicals, with a crust that screamed deliciousness – a dream that soon became reality. Guided by the wise counsel of a former mentor, “Make bread you love,” his journey gained clarity.

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Today, the bread crafted by The Artisan Baker graces tables across South Africa, a testament to Barry’s passion and steadfast dedication. Certified as suitable for diabetics and accommodating to those sensitive to gluten, his bread embodies both health and taste. With a 60-hour fermentation period, each loaf boasts a low-starch, low-sugar profile, alleviating gluten-related discomfort. Unlike commercial counterparts fermenting in stomachs, this bread nourishes without compromise.

With a pinnacle commitment to purity, every loaf has been intently considered. Stoneground non-GMO flour, sourced locally from the lush KZN Midlands, serves as the foundation of each creation. Free from chemicals, preservatives, and additives, Barry’s bread stands as a symbol of natural wholesomeness.

The journey of The Artisan Baker transcends mere culinary skills; it’s a tale of crafted and meticulous care and the best kind of passion.

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