A Peek Behind ‘Bags of Bites’

A Peek Behind ‘Bags of Bites’

Bags of Bites started in 2002, all thanks to Karen. She used to run the household but decided to dive into the world of baking. With just a handful of recipes, tons of passion, an electric mixer, and her granny’s old bread slicer, Karen kicked off this exciting journey.

From humble beginnings, Bags of Bites now produces over forty handmade biscuits. As a result of what began as a cooking experiment, and Karen’s continual commitment to producing each batch by paying attention to quality and make with love, Bags of Bites has become a household name. Bags of Bites is all about innovation and continuous improvement.  Its success can also be attributed to a dedicated staff. The company provides opportunities to people without prior training or skills. 

After almost two decades of crafting treats, Bags and Bites opted to rebrand. They’ve undergone a bold makeover. Bits and Bags have rebranded their 40 products with a vibrant colour scheme and clear dietary identification to simplify your shopping experience. Yet, their core values remain intact, “New Bags… Same Bites.” Their products are gluten-free and sugar-free, so you have delicious choices that match every dietary preference. 

Exciting times lie ahead for Bags of Bites! In addition to addressing diverse dietary needs, they are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of their new range, ‘Naturally Loaded’.  

 This collection is tailored for those seeking grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and no-refined-sugar options, making it an ideal choice for the vegan community. Stay tuned as they continue to evolve and bring more wholesome, delectable bites into your lives!

Visit their website here for more information and product offering.

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