From Chef’s Kitchen to Yours: Unlocking Culinary Excellence.

From Chef’s Kitchen to Yours: Unlocking Culinary Excellence.

Wild Peacock, founded in 1991, has thrived by prioritising personal relationships with both customers and suppliers, believing that its success lies in caring for their needs and sourcing quality produce sustainably.

As the South African food industry has grown rapidly, Wild Peacock has adapted by supplying top-tier ingredients to renowned restaurants, some of which have become global culinary destinations. Additionally, through their Food Emporium established in 2010, they have extended their offerings to home cooks, earning recognition with the Eat Out Produce Award for Outstanding Outlet in South Africa.

On the wholesale front, Wild Peacock offers tailored, cost-effective product selections and reliable delivery services six days a week to hotels, restaurants, caterers, boutique food shops, and private chefs in Cape Town and surrounding areas, utilising a fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Their knowledgeable sales team, composed of industry veterans with experience in various hospitality roles, comprehends the needs of the service industry and provides seamless distribution for suppliers, leveraging their established base of loyal customers and efficient administrative support. With a multi-temperature storage facility and modern cold-storage vehicles, they streamline the distribution process, allowing suppliers to focus solely on their core activities such as farming or crafting.

Wild Peacock’s online shop, launched during the 2020 lockdown, enables home delivery of their premium ingredients, catering to aspiring home chefs. Deliveries occur Monday to Saturday within 1 to 5 business days, and specific delivery dates can be requested. Freshly made-to-order items may require up to 5 days for delivery. While traditionally catering to professional chefs, their curated range is now accessible to home cooks, with personalised assistance available via the website’s WhatsApp function for any inquiries or advice needed.

“We have been with LMC Express for so many years now, we’ve stopped counting. The part-load consolidation makes our cold chain supply logistics and delivery so efficient, it is a service that LMC offers which we could not do without. Dealing with multiple suppliers – you need to be on the ball.” – Wild Peacock.

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