Explore Famasons: Your Ultimate Ingredient Partner!

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Explore Famasons: Your Ultimate Ingredient Partner!

Famasons was established in 2003, as a family owned and managed business committed to supplying the Baking and Food Manufacturing industries with ingredients of excellence. Their dedication to providing the industry with top class ingredients and solutions positions them as the perfect supply partner for your business.

Crafted for Greatness

Whether your business specialises in Baking, Confectionary, Pastries, Desserts, or Food Manufacturing, Famasons concentrates on providing you with remarkable ingredients that enhance your creations and set your business apart from the rest, providing your customers with consistent satisfaction.

Superior-Quality Products with Local and Global Standards

Famasons has a vast range of imported and locally manufactured chocolate coatings, fillings, spreads, inclusions, cake mixes and allied food products which it supplies throughout South Africa. Famasons also supports the growth of local business by distributing and supplying responsible and renowned South African brands.

Amaze your customers by turning ordinary into extraordinary with Famasons – Premium Ingredients and Solutions.

Check out their website here.

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