Avanti Coffee – Starting your day off the right way.

LMC Express Avanti Coffee SA Client Feature

Avanti Coffee – Starting your day off the right way.

There is nothing better than to rise and greet each day with a cup of coffee!

It is no secret that coffee makes you happy! Caffeine activates dopamine and serotonin, which control mood and what better way to start your day in a good mood. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our attitude influences our productivity. Even through would-be derailers, starting the day off right means you’ll stay on track.

There is something magical about the first sip of Avanti coffee that sets everything in motion. Its aroma awakens the senses from within. Sourced from the world’s finest coffee regions, Avanti’s coffee bean range is unique and vibrant as the countries they come from. It is a coffee that promises a superb taste profile, and rich flavour. Have the ideal coffee experience with Avanti coffee blends and enjoy smooth, easy drinking with the added benefits of a mood enhancer.

Did you know? Coffee beans are not actually beans; they are seeds found inside the fruit of the coffee plant. The coffee plant produces red or purple fruits called ‘cherries’ and each cherry typically contains two seeds, which are referred to as coffee beans. The beans undergo a complex process of harvesting, drying, roasting, and grinding before they are brewed into the cherished beverage we know as coffee. It’s fascinating to think that every sip of Avanti coffee is derived from the seeds of a fruit!

Stacey Moss – Managing Director of Avanti Coffee Company, has been a loyal client of LMC Express for more than 10 years.  According to her, Avanti is a national, comprehensive beverage solutions provider that places coffee at the forefront of its offerings. Their product has made a significant shift towards sustainability to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.  Avanti’s primary objective and dedicated focus has always revolved around empowering individuals in a profession that is often overlooked. Through enhancement of employees’ skills and knowledge, the company has created more job opportunities, a cause that deeply resonates with Avanti and LMC’s passionate teams. Avanti specialises in catering to three distinct channels: hotels, corporate caterers, and restaurants.

According to Stacey, LMC Express has consistently provided Avanti with exceptional service, boasting a team that is both friendly and professional. She has found LMC to be a reliable and dependable company.

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