Feinschmecker; leading the pack!

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Feinschmecker; leading the pack!

Feinschmecker (Pty) Ltd, the leading provider of processed meats in Southern Africa.

Established in 1983 as Polony King Foods, their company has remained dedicated to every aspect of the meat production process – from sourcing and manufacturing to packaging, marketing, and distribution – all to ensure an unparalleled culinary experience. It all starts with sourcing. Their in-house purchasing department carefully selects raw materials from certified abattoirs and meat packers. While they primarily source locally, they also import premium poultry and pork cuts. Collaborating with top spice and casing suppliers ensures they maintain exceptional standards throughout.

Feinschmecker extends its reach nationally with a steadfast commitment to quality. While Gauteng stands as its stronghold, the company ensures weekly deliveries to all provinces, utilising its fleet and strategic third-party partnerships such as LMC Express for timely service to valued customers.

Why Choose Feinschmecker? 

The brand upholds esteemed European traditions in its recipes and techniques, with an unwavering dedication to taste perfection evident in their products. Their unparalleled service levels cater to a diverse clientele, earning recognition from chefs and retailers, positioning it as a leader in the Southern African charcuterie market. With a national supply footprint covering all nine provinces, Feinschmecker combines commercial capability with an intimate, owner-run approach. Backed by a fully audited HACCP and Export certified manufacturing facility, the brand guarantees the highest standards of safety and quality.

Feinschmecker embodies craftsmanship. Guided by European recipes, their skilled team prepares an array of meats. From deboning to salami making, each step upholds their commitment to authenticity. They stand firm against artificial additives and MSG, preserving the purity of their products. They understand the importance of presentation hence they invest in cutting-edge packaging technology. Whether in bulk or prepacked, their products undergo rigorous packaging processes. Utilising Multivac roll stock machines and gas-flush packaging, they ensure freshness is sealed in. Each product is labelled by hand, meeting the latest legislative standards.

Their dedicated team spearheads nationwide sales and marketing efforts, ensuring their presence across the country. From directors to sales representatives, they prioritise building lasting relationships with retailers and  providing essential training ensures their products are top of the charts across the board.

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