Ready-made meals and meal-kits have taken the country by storm // UCOOK

LMC Express & UCOOK

Ready-made meals and meal-kits have taken the country by storm // UCOOK

Ready-made meals and meal-kits have taken the country by storm.

It is predicted that we’re going to experience a steady growth in the frozen food market in South Africa between 2023 and 2029, due to the increase in demand for ready-made meals because of busy women’s schedules, healthier lifestyle choices, dietary changes. LMC Express is right in the mix and are experienced in delivering prepared meals all over South Africa.

One of LMC Express’s regular and loyal customers is UCOOK. UCOOK is the brainchild of David Torr and Chris Verster-Cohen, was started in 2014. The concept of a meal-kit delivery company UCOOK swept through South Africa within just two years. A meal kit is a foodservice where customers receive pre-portioned and sometimes partially prepared food ingredients and recipes to prepare home-cooked meals. The story didn’t end there. The underlying concept added momentum to its popularity because consumers learn where their food comes from, they support small businesses and farmers, and are informed of valuable tips on how to make all meals convenient and wholesome. How incredible to have the correct portions of protein and other ingredients, combination of herbs and spices and cooking lesson all in one! There are a host of mouth-watering meal kits on the menu such as Crispy Citrus Duck & Balsamic Greens to Sticky Thai Chicken Tenders.

UCOOK also supplies frozen prepared meals (which has an impressive and scrumptious menu), wine and kiddies’ options. A frozen food product is one that is rapidly frozen and stored at low temperatures for an extended period until it is consumed. With frozen food, you can save time, avoid food spoilage, prevent the spread of bacteria, and make cooking processes more efficient at home and in restaurants.

You can select from a list of preferences such as Stove Top Only, Air Fryer, 30 Minutes or Less, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Conscious, < 500 Cal / serving, Free-range Protein, Vitality, Healthy Dining, High in Protein and Low Fat. It embodies convenience, offers healthy choices, and promotes time saving.

The story continues. Other exciting categories are: Adventurous Foodie, Quick & Easy, Carb Conscious, Fan Faves, Veggie and Simple & Save.

LMC Express is proud to support and assist South Africa’s entrepreneurs such as UCOOK, who are innovative and continue to build on, keep up with latest technology and advance their companies through creative and inspiring ideas. LMC Express offers reliable and professional service from start to finish and guarantees timeous delivery. Contact us for further assistance and how we can be an exciting part of your business.

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