Marcel’s Frozen Yogurt: Absolute Perfection

Marcel’s Frozen Yogurt: Absolute Perfection

Marcel’s has been our client for 15 years. LMC Express has been impressed by the growth of their product line. We caught up with Nicole Westvig, the CEO of Marcels to find out what her thoughts were about the company’s recent performance. 

Nicole says, “Our products are gluten free and low in fat and infused with live yoghurt and probiotic cultures, with over 1 million probiotics per single serving. They are also free from preservatives, artificial colourants, gelatine, tartrazine and azo dyes. All made with real dairy.

Despite the very challenging trading environment, due to increased load-shedding and rising costs, our stores have grown from strength to strength. Revenue growth exceeds prior years, and our last financial year reached a record high.

Through our Marcel’s outlets, including some franchises, we offer Soft Serve Frozen Yoghurt in up to fifteen different flavours (which are all available on rotation). We offer tubs and cones with toppings. We have fruit smoothies, drinking yoghurts, fruit shakes and frozen yoghurt cakes and desserts. Our ‘take home tubs’ are available in 1 litre or 175ml units. You will find these tubs at all our own outlets but also at your nearest retailer, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, Food Lovers and OK Foods, across the country.

Our range has grown in the past two years to include celebration cakes and our preservative-free drinking yoghurt range.

We introduce delicious flavours to our current range of soft serve and take-home products throughout the year, to delight our customers with innovation. However, our iconic English Toffee and Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt have remained firm favourites.

Most households feel the pinch due to price hikes, as well as increased living costs. We are proud of our products and deeply committed to delivering a positive experience for all our consumers. Our main aim for South Africans is to provide wonderful and lasting memories, one swirl at a time.

There are retailers in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and other neighbouring African countries.”

Nicole says LMC Express leads the consolidated transportation of frozen goods in South Africa. We’ve enjoyed a great customer relationship more than a supplier relationship.

Check out their website here.

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