Driving Miss Daisy | Lawson Mashanda

Driving Miss Daisy | Lawson Mashanda

The Truck (horse):  ‘Daisy’ 

The tradition to name our trucks started with ‘Mustang Sally’ – our first long distance truck.

Having worked so hard to be able to afford to buy Sally, the entire team was (and is) immensely proud of her, as she remains the ‘Leader of the Pack’.

We now have more than 20 long distance trucks in our fleet and all their trailers fitted with dual cooling units. 

We name many of our trucks after female artists or songs. It’s a fun activity that the ‘boss lady’ usually undertakes.

Daisy is a Volvo FH520, 2022 Model, with 390,000 km on the clock. Her service plan is up to 600,000 km with service intervals every 40,000 km and she will be replaced at 1,000,000 km.

Lawson Mashanda

A Driver and His ‘Horse’… when it comes to urging a horse to move in a specified direction, you ‘drive’ them. And that is exactly what Lawson Mashanda does in his job. He is passionate about his work and gets it done efficiently and with diligence.

Lawson is one of our best drivers! With 18,468 km driven over the month of June, Lawson has the best record for the past 3 months! With a big 0 FAULTS!

0 – Distracted Behaviour
0 – Risk Behaviour
0 – Accidents
– No Seat Belt 

Lawson joined our team on 1st October 2017. He says that the working conditions at LMC Express are great, and he praises the management system for their communication skills. “I am happy with LMC Express and with the communication from our route controllers. If I have a problem, the route controllers are always ready to communicate and help. LMC works like a body, and a body cannot function properly without hands and legs.”

Lawson has been driving for ten years. On average he drives about 18,000 km a month. In his opinion, the biggest challenges faced as a long-distance driver in RSA are some of the different personalities on the road, particularly those prone to ‘road rage’ and reckless driving. He takes the stance of being vigilant and anticipates the reactions of other drivers who do not obey the laws of the road so as to avoid unnecessary accidents or incidents.

His favourite client is BM Foods, because they supply weekly loads, which is obviously vital in maintaining his job. He says that they are a friendly company, who always communicates with him if there are any slight glitches.

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