LMC Express  Issue / Incident Report

LMC Express - Incident Report

LMC Express  Issue / Incident Report

The purpose of this video is to provide a clear, step-by-step guide for customers on how to report issues or incidents and includes preventative tips to help avoid such problems in the future. 

We understand that issues can happen during shipping, and at LMC Express, we’re here to help you through it. Reporting an issue promptly and correctly is crucial in qualifying for our Money-back Guarantee.

It’s important for everyone involved – clients, sending and receiving parties – to be aware of our incident reporting procedure. You can find copies of the Incident Reports on our website’s login Page under ‘HOW TO REPORT AN INCIDENT’. All our drivers also carry blank reports on hand.

So, what should you do if something goes wrong? Follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Identify the Issue

First, identify the issue. It could be damage, a shortage, product returns or a temperature compliance problem.


Step 2: Complete the Incident Report

Next, complete the Incident Report. Be thorough and provide all necessary details. Remember, correct completion is essential for our Money-back Guarantee.


Step 3: Notify Relevant Parties

Ensure that all relevant parties – the sender, the receiver, and LMC Express – are informed about the incident. Communication is key to resolving the issue swiftly.


Step 4: Submit the Report

Submit the Incident Report as soon as possible. You can hand it to our driver or send it to our customer care team. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy for your records. If the incident is reported by the receiving party, we suggest that the receiver also sends a copy to their client or sending client.




Here are some tips to help prevent problems in the future:


Tip 1: Proper Loading

Load your pallet perfectly. Check out our Perfect Pallet video on our CLIENT UNIVERSITY page.


Tip 2: Temperature Compliance

Follow the SAMPLE BOX procedure. Use your own needle probe to check the temperature at collection and delivery. If there’s a discrepancy, complete the Temperature Deterioration Report and contact our customer care helplines while the truck is still on your premises.


Tip 3: Immediate Reporting

Report any problem immediately when offloading. This includes damages, shortages, product returns and temperature issues.


For more detailed tips to avoid damages, shortages, product returns and ensure temperature compliance, refer to our instructional videos on our CLIENT UNIVERSITY page.

At LMC Express, our mission is to deliver your pallet in the exact condition it was in when we collected it, accompanied by perfect paperwork. But we can’t do this alone. We need your cooperation.

Thank you for choosing LMC Express. Together, we can ensure a smooth and reliable delivery experience. 


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