Farewell Charmaine

Farewell Charmaine


“Having worked with a colleague for more than 27 years says something about both of us. I am not the easiest person in my best days, but Charmaine has always been there to support me.

Charmaine is one of the very few people I trust with both my life and my money. I do not make the statement lightly, but in the 27 years we’ve worked together at LMC Express she did not disappoint me once. She leaves a legacy of utmost loyalty, with never a bad word about any of her colleagues – she is an incredibly rare and special person!” – Lizette Conradie


How did it all begin with LMC Express?

My “family ties” began much earlier than LMC Express.  Lizette and myself worked together for a transport company many years ago (if my memory serves me correctly it was around about 1986). I then left and joined Lizette’s husband’s legal firm, being closer to home and less travelling.  In 1997 when LMC Express started, I joined Lizette, when she introduced a new overnight service to customers between Cape Town and Jhb (both directions) of transporting smaller amounts of product (up to a ton) in insulated containers.

2. What kept you at LMC for so many years?

It was the excitement of seeing an idea turn into reality, as this was a new service to customers in SA. The joy of seeing a small little company continue to grow and diversify over the years. The joy of seeing individuals grow and progress over the years.  Added to this was the LMC Express family atmosphere which has only improved and strengthened over the years.  We’ve laughed and cried about things together, but over the years – we have all stuck together.

3. Any highlights?  

Too many to mention.  If I have to take the biggest highlight was when our first rig, Sally, was delivered which was so exciting.  This excitement continues even today with each new addition to our fleet.  Another huge highlight was against my wishes – I requested that I don’t have a farewell, but … you all couldn’t let that happen – I wasn’t going to get away with it so easily and quietly.  It was a big surprise farewell and the biggest surprise was that Josie Moos, our retired Director, joined us all the way from Malmesbury!  Times I will never forget.

4. What will you miss about LMC?

Seeing my LMC Express family each day.  Walking into the office and being fondly greeted by everyone.  I do  also miss the stress and pressure believe it or not!!  There is always something urgent to do in the Finance Department.  I also miss our 7am meetings each Wednesday, when all departments meet via Zoom to discuss past week, and plan for what is to come.

5. What is next for you?

Once we relocate to the Eastern Cape I will start each day with an early morning walk on the beach, relaxing and enjoying family who I’ve been away from since 1986.  We will be right on the beach with a beautiful lagoon.  It will also be good to be spending more time with my husband, Mike, who has had a few health issues, and hoping that the fresh air of the Eastern Cape will be good for us!  I will however, still miss my LMC Express family, but know I will see of our drivers on the East Coast route.

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