Night Owls: No Fly by Nights!

Night Owls: No Fly by Nights!

We stay awake so you can sleep peacefully.

You can count on LMC Express Night watchmen to keep an eye on your stock all night long!

Every day from 6 pm to 6 am, we have four rotating ‘night owls’ watching over our drivers and trucks.

Safety: We ensure the safety of our drivers by having night watchmen check in on them every 45 minutes to ensure they are alert while driving. Watchmen will stay on the line with a tired driver until he’s resting in a safe place. While the driver rests, the watchman will monitor the camera in the truck to ensure his safety. The watchman and driver agree on a wake-up time. Our watchmen are responsible for ensuring that our drivers arrive at their destinations on time and safely.

Cooling Units and Breakdowns: If they cannot resolve the issue themselves, our ‘night owls’ call the relevant on-duty supervisor or manager for immediate assistance.

Clean and Tidy: We value cleanliness at LMC Express and that’s why we have ‘night owls’ checking the trucks at night.

Technology: Mix Telematics is the software we use to track and trace trucks and drivers (like speed and harsh acceleration). Each cooling unit has a sensor that records delivery and return air in real time; this information is provided by our cooling unit supplier, GEA Africa.

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